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Burton Presents 5 Great Reasons to Purchase a New Water Heater Now!

Perhaps you’ve already heard…big changes are coming in water heater design and efficiency ratings, and they’re coming very soon. In fact, as of April 16, 2015, conventional gas and electric water heaters – the kind you probably have now – will no longer be manufactured in the US. Replacement will have higher energy efficiency ratings, but there will be design changes, too. So if your water heater is getting up there in years, now is the PERFECT time to replace it, and for these four very good reasons:

  1. New style water heaters under 55 gallons in capacity will be 2” taller and 2” wider than existing models. So unless you buy a conventional gas or electric water heater while supplies last, you could be forced to settle for a smaller system or spend money to remodel your water heater space.
  2. New style water heaters with a storage capacity greater than 55 gallons will also be larger than existing models. Once again, you could be forced to go smaller or do a little home remodeling to accommodate the water heater size you really need.Laguna Sunset
  3. While new style water heaters will help cut your annual energy costs, the initial purchase price – including installation – will be up to 40% higher than the conventional gas and electric water heaters they ‘ve been designed to replace.
  4. Here at Burton, we still have a limited supply of conventional gas and electric storage tank water heaters…but once they’re gone, they’re gone! So if you act quickly, you can still get the same size system you have now, and one that will fit your existing space.
  5. Plus, we’re offering a 15% savings to our Service Partner Plan customers toward your purchase of any new water heater…conventional style or one of the new higher efficiency systems we also have in stock. See the coupon below. Not already enrolled in our Service Partner Plan? Click here for details on all the benefits you can start enjoying as early as today.

Remember: this is a limited time opportunity, so act now and call Burton today for more information and a new water heater quote. More About the Federally Mandated Water Heater Changes The changes in water heater design and efficiency ratings are part of a federal program called NAECA (National Appliance Efficiency Compliance Act). Under NAECA, all home appliances – including water heaters – will eventually be undergoing changes to make them more energy efficient and, where applicable, reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Click here to read more about the NAECA program, particularly as it applies to residential water heaters. wHCoupon