Why You Need a Back-up Sump Pump for Your Omaha Home

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If you’ve owned a home for any length of time, you already know that water always finds somewhere to go:  anywhere, for that matter, that allows a way in or out.

With winter drawing to close, there’s going to be plenty of water outside your home looking for somewhere to go, with home basements like yours being frequent landing zones.  Melting snow, thawing ground, early spring rain:  all of it contributes to one potentially huge mess, not to mention the damage that basement water can cause to your home and personal belongings.

That’s why you need the one-two combination of a sump pump and water-powered back-up sump pump to keep water out of your basement, even in the event of a power outage.

Why Water-Powered vs. Battery-Powered Back-up Pumps?

Your main sump is the real work horse when water starts entering your basement or downstairs family room.  But should you suddenly lose power, your sump immediately shuts off as it runs on electricity.

To relieve yourself of that worry, you should consider installing a back-up sump pump:  battery-powered or water-powered.  Both are effective, but water-powered pumps have a distinct advantage.

If the water is persistent enough, the battery will eventually die and by the time you re-charge it, you could have a serious basement flood.  On the other hand, water-powered will operate for as long as they need, provided you maintain your connection with the municipal water supply.  High capacity water-powered pumps can remove more than 1,300 gallons of water per hour.

Is your home prone to basement water infiltration?  Then now’s the perfect time to call Burton for help in shoring up your defenses with new or replacement sump pumps, expertly installed and repaired by the our own plumbing professionals.

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