Company Profile

Burton: An Effective Cure for Your “Hurtin’” House.


Yes, houses can hurt, too. But it’s always the families who live there that feel the pain.

The kind, for example, typically caused by no heat, no hot water, a clogged drain problem that you can’t seem to get rid of, and many more of its kind.

What’s the cure? Burton: your complete resource for every home’s plumbing, drains, heating, air conditioning, electrical, and related home comfort needs

Not only do we maintain, repair, and install all types of home comfort and safety systems, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction with every job we perform. And that’s only one of our several customer guarantees and assurances.

What’s more, we’re frequently adding new, well qualified employees to our team of home comfort professionals to keep up with the growing demand. How does that benefit you? In two very important ways:

One company to call – with confidence – for all your home comfort needs for your greater convenience.

• With nearly 100 employees and a growing fleet of service trucks, we can be there with minimum delay to stop the hurtin’. And that goes for 24/7 emergency repairs, too.

Here’s something else we think will matter to you: Burton has been named Best of Omaha for the past 13 years in a row. While it’s always nice to win an award, this one means more than any others we’ve received. First, because the voting takes place among home owners: the people to whom we provide service. And secondly…well, receiving our first Best of Omaha award was tremendous; twelve times in a row is reaffirming.

Today, Burton is better prepared than ever to provide you and yours with the ultimate in home comfort, convenience, and added safety. We look forward to making the hurtin’ go away for you, too.