Omaha Standby Generator | Whole-House Electrical Generator Omaha

The Power to Stay Connected, Even When No One Else Is.


At Burton, we offer and install generators that can power your entire home – or only those circuits and appliances you most depend on – until the public power supply is restored.

And that’s just where the benefits begin:

• A Burton generator operates on your home’s natural or propane gas supply which means it will operate for as long as it’s needed with no messy and potentially hazardous gasoline or kerosene fill-ups.

Keep your heat or air on when you need it, especially during periods of extreme outdoor temperatures.

Keep life-giving medical equipment operating for those who can’t survive without it.

Avoid the waste and expense of perished food items.

• Having all your lights on also serves as a deterrent to burglars.

• Keeping the heat on can prevent your pipes from freezing during a protracted winter power outage.

• What’s more, you’ll enjoy years of faithful service with a simple annual tune up.

With a whole-house electrical generator working for you, the generator will turn on automatically in the event of a public power outage. Once public power is restored, your generator turns itself off.

Nothing wasted. Everything gained.

For more information or a free in-home quote, contact Burton today.No matter what your electrical service might be, Burton is ready and able to provide it, along with:

• 24/7 emergency service

• Guaranteed upfront pricing

• 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

• Plus, we’re licensed and insured

For more information and a no-cost estimate, contact Burton today. We welcome this opportunity to serve you.