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Plumbing Service, Repairs, and New Installations in Bellevue, NE

Plumbing Bellevue NEWhen a faucet won’t stop dripping, a toilet stop running, or your plumbing’s just plain hurtin’, it’s time to call Burton.

Of course, we do much more than make your plumbing problems disappear. We’re also your reliable resource for annual preventative maintenance service plus new and replacement plumbing installations. Looking to replace your old, worn out water heater? We have a whole world of new options to share with you, including a space-saving tankless water heater, one capable of giving you an unlimited supply of hot water.

You can also count on Burton for 24/7 emergency plumbing repair service in Bellevue…just like always.

Heating Service, Repairs, and New Furnace Installation Bellevue, NE

What to do on a cold winter’s day or night when your heating system suddenly calls it quits? There’s the ultimate no-brainer: just pick up the phone and contact Burton. We service and repair all makes and models of home heating systems, including in-floor radiant heat, ductless air systems, and geothermal heat pumps. We can also help protect your investment in reliable indoor comfort with an annual heating system cleaning and inspection. Plus, with Burton, you always get more when it’s time to purchase a new or replacement heating system, along with our Investment Guarantee and Lemon-Free Guarantee.

Air Conditioning, Service, Repairs, and New AC Installation Bellevue, NE

Once the heating season starts to wind down, the AC pros at Burton are already gearing up to to help our thousands of customers enjoy the best in summer-long home air conditioning. To help make sure you never skip annual preventative maintenance, we invite you to consider the many benefits you’ll enjoy once you enroll in the Burton Service Partner Plan. Still, even with regular system cleanings and inspections, sooner or later you’re bound to run into a repair problem. If that time is now, just give us a call and watch how quickly that problem disappears. Burton is also all the resource you’ll ever need for new and replacement AC systems, or even combined heating and cooling systems like ductless air and geothermal heat pumps. Contact us today for any home air conditioning service need…period.

Sewer & Drain Cleaning Services Bellevue, NE

If you’ve tried everything you can think of to break up a stubborn drain clog, how about letting us take a crack at it? With our extensive training, experience, and resources, there’s no sewer or drain problem we can’t solve. Burton: your Bellevue drain clearing pros providing these and related sewer and drain services:

• Sewer clearing
• Drain clearing
• Sewer repairs
• Drain repair
• Sewer replacement
• Drain replacement
• In-line drain video inspection
• Trenchless pipe repair
• Trenchless pipe replacement
• Excavation services
• There’s no drain challenge too big or too complex for our experienced crew. Count on it!

Other Home Comfort Solutions from Burton!

Water filtration

Improved Indoor air quality

Commercial plumbing

Programmable thermostats

Tankless water heaters

Facts about Bellevue, NE

facts'Bellevue (whose meaning is clear in any language) sits high atop rolling hills along the Missouri River…a rare jewel dotting the Great Plains landscape.

The first known settlement of what is now Bellevue took place in 1822 when Joshua Pilcher established a fur trading post here. A scant 10 years later, and with the decline in the fur trade, Pilcher’s successor, Lucien Fontenelle, sold the post to the U.S. Government which then turned it into the Missouri River Indian Agency.

Over the next century and then some, Bellevue’s fortunes ranged from boom to bust and back again to a resounding and lasting boom. When the fur trade ultimately died off in the 1850s, it wasn’t long before the city nearly became extinct. But that all started to change for the better when Fort Crook (now Offutt Air Force Base) came into being in the 1890s. Here, for example a Martin bomber plant operated during World War II. Later, Bellevue became home to the Strategic Air Command. Of even greater historical significance, the Martin Bomber Plant was the site where the Enola Gay and Bockscar were manufactured, the planes that later dropped atomic bombs in Japan to help bring World War II to a close.

Today, Fontenelle Forest occupies 1,400 acres of privately owned forestland featuring 19 miles of hiking trails with views of the Missouri River and the surrounding area. Bellevue also is home to the Fontenelle Forest Nature Center, the Sarpy County Museum, two golf courses, numerous local eateries, and more.