High Efficiency Water Heaters Omaha

The New Look and Energy-Saving Appeal of Water Heaters…Available Now from Burton!

Electric Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters OmahaIf it’s been 10 years or so since you last searched for a new water heater, you are in for a big surprise…probably more than one, come to think of it

Because as of 4/16/15, the storage tank water heaters you’ve grown accustomed to aren’t being manufactured in the US anymore. They’re being replaced by a new generation of more energy efficient systems…up to 30% more energy efficient, to be exact.

And, just as you’d expect, next-generation water heaters are right here, right now, at Burton.

Here’s what we have available for you and your family:

Gas Condensing Water Heaters Omaha

Gas condensing water heaters come in storage tank sizes of 55 gallons and more. How do they differ from the previous generation of gas storage tank water heaters? Essentially, they require less natural gas to produce the same amount of hot water. That, in turn, leads to fewer greenhouse gas emissions and annual energy savings up to $100.

Electric Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters Omaha

Meet the next generation of electric storage tank water heaters. When compared to their predecessors, you can expect annual energy savings up to $350 from an electric hybrid system. That’s because its heat pump component uses the air around it r to help heat the water.

Gas Condensing Water Heaters Omaha

While gas condensing and electric hybrid water heaters cost more than conventional storage tank systems, you’ll more than make up the difference in annual energy savings. In fact, some electric hybrid systems come equipped with “sleep mode” to help you save even more money when you’re away on vacation.

At Burton, we also design and install tankless water heaters. Click here for more on this space-saving alternative to storage tank water heaters.

Contact Burton today to learn more about your home water heater options. We’ll fully explain them, answer all your questions, and then present you with multiple new system options to help you obtain exactly the right new water heater for your home and budget.