Swimming Pool Safety Tips

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No one needs a backyard swimming pool, right? Not like you need indoor plumbing, a washer and dryer, and a roof over your head.

No sir, a pool is pure luxury, especially in a state like Nebraska that doesn’t have the longest of pool seasons.

But luxury or not, pools require a lot of work to keep them in working shape. And, with a pool comes a world of precautionary measures for the safety and well-being of all concerned.  Here are several worth putting into practice:

Keep an eye on the young ones.

Always try to stay within arm’s reach of young kids and consider keeping your very young or inexperienced swimmers in a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket, both in and out of the water. During gatherings like barbeques and birthday parties, you might want to designate a responsible adult to keep an eye on swimmers. Let the adults – including lifeguard-certified teenagers – take turns so no one gets stuck with an all-day job.

Follow a public pool’s rules of safety.

There’s a good reason why all public swimming pools enforce the same rules, like “No diving,” “Always swim with a buddy” and “No running.” These rules save lives.

Consider a video surveillance system.

If you must go in the house for even a minute, first get all young kids out of the pool with someone to watch over them – otherwise, bring them inside with you. But what if your teenage son or daughter has a pool party?  The last thing they want is mom or dad watching over them nonstop.  So, strike a bargain and install an outdoor video camera system with indoor monitors so you can keep an eye on things and ensure that your rules are being followed.

Keep a digital eye on your child.

Outfit your kids with wearable sensors so you’ll be alerted via smartphone or tablet should a swimmer become submerged beyond preset limits, or if a non-swimmer enters the water. It works in pools, lakes, rivers, spas, and at the beach.

Keep your pool and hot tub clean.

Maintain proper chemical levels, circulation, and filtration. Regular tests of your pool’s chemical levels lower the risk of earaches, rashes, or more serious diseases among swimmers of all ages.

Prevent electric shock.

Here at Burton we can inspect your pool and surrounding areas to ensure that wiring and other electrical safety matters are up to par. We also provide electrical inspection, repair, and installation services to help keep you and your kids even more secure during and after pool time.

For more information and guaranteed upfront pricing, contact Burton today.