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What Condition is Your Water Heater In?


Your water heater is built to last 10-12 years, on average.

That’s why your water heater manufacturer recommends an annual system check-up to make sure it’s performing as effectively and safely as possible. So do we. Especially for gas units, where we can also check for carbon monoxide leaks.

At Burton, we provide annual maintenance and precision repairs for all makes and models of hot water heaters, including:

• Gas water heaters
• Electric water heaters
• Tankless water heaters

We know how much you depend on a reliable and steady supply of hot water. That’s why we also provide 24/7 emergency repair service.

New Water Heaters Omaha | Replacement Water Heaters Omaha

If your family needs more hot water than your current unit is capable of providing, talk to Burton about a couple of options:

• Upgrading to a larger size storage tank
• Replacing your water heater with a new, high efficiency model with greater capacity

Or, maybe you have all the hot water you need, but it’s just taking “decades” for it to heat up. In that instance a hot water recirculating pump might be the answer. These are attached to your current system and are designed to provide hot water from the moment you turn on the faucet. Not only does that reduce your waiting time, it also help you save gallons and gallons of water, every single day.

Water Heater Accessories in Omaha

With these water heater accessories, we can help you control pressure, prolong the life of your unit, and save more:

Water alarm. If your water heater starts leaking even a small amount of water, the alarm will detect the leak, sound an alarm, and shut your water heater off. Imagine how much water that can save – and damage can be prevented – if the leak started when no one was home. Some water alarm models even feature remote control alerts.

Pressure regulator. These valves are designed to prevent the unit’s water pressure from exceeding a pre-set limit to prevent leaking and bursting.

Timer. This energy-saving device causes your water heater to draw power only when you need hot water. That reduces your utility costs and prolongs the life of your unit.

For regular maintenance, poor water heater performance, or a custom quote on a new or replacement system, contact Burton today. We’re here to help.