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  • Avatar Olena Khokholkova ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    I received an outstanding service. A technician David is an extremely professional, knowledgeable expert. … More He identified a problem with my furnace speedy quick and started working on it right away. He was able to fix it in no time. Also he did a lot of testing to make sure that everything is working properly, smoothly, and (what I mostly appreciate) safely. Thank you very much for your service!!!
  • Avatar Lisa Tallant ★★★★★ a month ago
    Great special! Furnace check for $55 and 5 cans of food to help the food bank! I will always come back … More to a business that helps the community!! David was friendly and professional. Answered my questions and even drew me a diagram! He is very knowledgeable. Thank you for the great service.

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Home Surge Protector

Can your home electronics handle a power surge of 20,000 amps? Nope. So why would you ask it to? Ah, mother nature. Ever full of surprises. Some wonderful and inspiring. Some not so much. Take lightning strikes for example. Take away the danger element, and they really are quite beautiful and remarkable to behold. The problem is, you can’t take away the danger element. At Burton, there’s nothing we care more about than your family’s safety and well-being. So let’s say that during a lightning strike, personal safety is not at risk. But that doesn’t mean your home electronics are free and clear.

The fact is, one bolt of lightning – or, the kind of power surge that comes after the public power supply has been restored – can damage or destroy some or all of your valuable home electronic equipment. Anything with a built-in microprocessor. And that’s quite a list, starting with items as small as toasters and microwave ovens all the way to heating and AC systems, hot tubs, major appliances, and all the rest. Worse, a power surge can start a fire.

So, you can sit tight and HOPE a power surge doesn’t wipe any of it out, OR you can contact Burton and request installation of a whole-house surge protector. That, of course, is the smarter and more economical move. A whole-house surge protector – expertly installed by Burton – can stop up to 40,000 amps of surging electricity. That, in combination with power strips with built-in surge protectors strategically placed throughout your home, will give you a world of protection. And a great deal more peace of mind.

Contact Burton today for all the details on whole-house surge protection. We highly recommend it.

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