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Clean, filtered water without the bottles. You don’t need a water filtration system to drink better tasting and healthier water. You can accomplish the same thing with an in-home water cooler or a steady supply of bottled water. For some people, that’s enough. But others – perhaps you included – also care about the kind of water you cook, clean and bathe with. For the sake of your children, clothes, utensils, and everything else you value. At Burton, we are water filtration and softening specialists…meaning this is a service we provide not once in a while, but every single day. As such, we know the telltale signs, and we know the best way to treat each water contamination problem…for city and well water supplies alike.

Hard Water Conditions Omaha

Concerned that you might have hard water in your home? Here are the telltale symptoms:

  • A filmy haze on your drinking glasses
  • Whitish scaly deposits on your faucets, shower doors or tea kettle
  • Scaly deposits you can’t see, but nevertheless are damaging the inside of your pipes, dish washer, and other appliances
  • Dry, dull skin and hair
  • Whites that yellow in the wash, and colors, that fade

Other Common Water Problems in Omaha

Acidic Water – Water with a low pH factor (less than 6.5) can be highly acidic and corrosive. If, for example, you notice a blue-green stain on your laundry, sinks or drains, chances are your water needs to be treated. Acidic water also can leach unhealthy levels of metal ions – such as lead, manganese, and copper – into your fresh water supply.

Excess Iron – How can you tell if there’s too much iron in your water? By the brown stains in your toilet or on your clothes…definitely not a pretty sight.

Chemical Contamination – This is the most serious of all water problems. Excess levels of radon, industrial waste, chlorine, and other chemicals can cause serious health issues…the kind that can readily be avoided.

Whole-House Water Filters & Under-Sink Water Filters

At Burton, we install, maintain, and repair two basic types of water filtration systems: whole-house and point-of-use (also known as under-sink water filters).

With the latter you get a dedicated water filter installed typically under your kitchen sink with a dedicated tap so you can use filtered water for drinking and cooking, for example, and your regular tap water for every other purposed.

But for homeowners who want it all, we can also install a whole-house water filter so you can draw clean, fresh, and healthy water from every source in your home.

Contact Burton for more information on the water filtration solution that best suits your needs and your budget.

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