One of the fastest (and easiest!) ways to give your home an instant update is to modernize your electrical systems. And no… we’re not talking about putting in a flatscreen TV that drops down into a bookcase, or installing heated floors! While these kinds of system upgrades are luxurious, they’re less than practical for most homeowners.

Instead, today’s homeowner hack includes five simple electrical upgrades that can fit almost any homeowner’s renovation budget— and make your home more efficient in the process.

So whether you’re a DIYer looking for inspiration, or just curious how Burton can support your next renovation project, read on for our high-powered and high-style recommendations.

Burton’s 5 Must-have electrical updates that bring style and convenience to any Omaha home

Electrical Upgrade #1: LED Strip Lighting

Installing LED strip lighting along the bottom of your kitchen’s upper cabinets instantly gives the space a soft, cheery glow. And with dispersed lighting illuminating your meal prep area, you can finally stop fumbling for flour in that shadowy corner of your kitchen!

Electrical Upgrade #2: USB Outlets

If you’re always misplacing your charging bricks— or want to charge more devices from a single outlet— try upgrading to USB-enabled outlets. Replacing your traditional two-gang outlets with new USB outlets also improves the safety of your home, as USB outlets typically come with built-in surge protection.

Our customers often choose to replace just a handful of their frequently used outlets with USB outlets. The most popular places to install them are in the kitchen, by your bedside, and in an office or study.

Electrical Upgrade #3: Dimmer Switches

Installing dimmer switches in the main areas of your home offers flexible ambient lighting that fits any mood, without the need to use multiple lamps. And dimming your lights when you don’t need full illumination can reduce your energy bills and extend the life of your lightbulbs!

Dimmer switches can be installed in any room, but they work best in multi-purpose rooms, like game rooms, bedrooms, and office spaces.

Electrical Upgrade #4: Remote Controlled Ceiling Fans

Forget having to walk across the room every time you want to adjust the ceiling fan! By upgrading to remote controlled ceiling fans, you can change the temperature and airflow in any room with just one touch.

As an added bonus, some smart ceiling fans can also be controlled via an app, so you can manage your home comfort straight from your phone. For rooms that trap heat, like vaulted living rooms and upstairs bedrooms, this feature allows for easier distribution of air around your home— giving your hardworking AC a little more support.

Electrical Upgrade #5: Backlit Mirrors

Tired of doing your hair in the dark? Like under-cabinet lighting, backlit mirrors offer a soft, disbursed glow that helps eliminate the shadows caused by harsh overhead lighting. With more even illumination throughout your morning routine, you’ll never leave the house with streaky makeup or a half-shaved beard again!

New to electrical projects? Just Call Burton

If you’re comfortable with advanced DIY projects, these simple upgrades won’t take more than a weekend. But if you don’t have electrical experience, Burton can help!

Just purchase your new USB outlets, dimmer switches, or other electrical accessories, and schedule your Burton service. We’ll make sure you have the right equipment, bring our fully-stocked truck, and get to work upgrading any system in your home, fast.

With our up-front pricing guarantee and best-in-Omaha parts and labor warranties, the only thing that will surprise you is how much you love your new upgrades! Call now to schedule your service, and don’t forget to check out our seasonal specials!