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Why You Should Drink Less Bottled Water

Each year, 8.6 billion plastic bottles of water are purchased in the U.S., and about 80% of them are NOT recycled.  There’s reason number one to think about cutting back on your bottled water intake, especially if you haven’t fully mastered the art of recycling. Or how about that little matter pf bottled water’s alleged

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Why You Should Drink More Water.

You’ve heard this advice from doctors, friends, and family members time and again: drink more water. And while most of us know that it takes 8-9 glasses of water a day to remain hydrated, many of us don’t really understand the health consequences of not drinking enough water. So put down that can of soda,

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Benefits of an Under-Sink Water Filter

Did you know that 96% of all home drinking water in the US contains at least some level of contamination? And that goes for city and well water alike. If, for example, you have well water, your underground water supply is an open target for pesticides, radon, lead, industrial contaminants, and all sorts of other

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