How to know if a whole home generator is right for you.

When stormy weather comes, do you breathe easy or find yourself crossing your fingers?

Occasional power outages are to be expected from time to time, but when the other families on your block are comfortably, eating dinner and watching tv, while you’re silently singing “hello darkness, my old friend” like Simon & Garfunkel—it could be time to consider investing in a whole home generator.

Whole home generators have come a long way over the years—they’re smaller, quieter, and easier to use.

A typical unit is usually made up of an engine, a fuel tank, a regulator and a starting mechanism. The amount of AC power it emits depends on the size of your generator, which will be determined by the size of the space for which you want to provide supplemental electricity.

Is a whole home generator right for you?

The answer to that question will differ for everyone—but a good way to decide is to ask yourself: What do you worry about the most during a power failure?

Here are our top 5 reasons to consider a whole home generator:

  1. Securing Your Family’s Safety. If you have medical equipment that relies on electrical power, the peace of mind that comes from having a generator to rely on is invaluable.
  2. Being Prepared & Staying Dry. Obviously, water is a big concern during heavy downpours. Whether it is because you live in a flood zone and need to make sure your sump pump is ready for action or you have well water that relies on electricity to function, a whole home generator will make sure everything continues to work as it should.
  3. Empowering Your Kitchen. You’ve stocked up for the pending storm—the last thing you want is for everything in your fridge or freezer to go to waste. Saving what you have—and being able to cook it—will help take the guesswork out of what’s for dinner during bad weather.
  4. Uninterrupted Comfort. It’s no coincidence that the electricity tends to go out during extreme hot or cold weather. Make sure your home stays at the right temperature by maintaining power to your HVAC system.
  5. Reliable Energy Independence. If you live in an older neighborhood with overhead power lines, you are more likely prone to power outages. Start keeping track of how frequently your area tends to lose electricity, and you might discover it is more often that you’d like.

If your answers to any of these questions struck a chord, it may be time for a whole home generator—and the benefits don’t stop here. If you’re still undecided, the following additional benefits may make the difference in deciding whether or not it is the right time to invest in a whole home generator for you and your family.

Seamless power.

Whole home generators typically run on natural gas or propane. They are professionally installed outside near the fuel or electric supply. Every generator includes an automatic transfer switch—this monitors your house’s power and tells the generator when you’ve lost power from your utility company. The generator will then automatically kick on and restore power to your home—usually within 10 seconds of receiving the signal. It is a seamless process—when the power goes out, your generator turns on. When your power is back on, the generator turns off. Most systems also let you monitor remotely and will alert you that your generator is on via text or email. That means you can feel good about your home during an outage—even if you are away.


Minimal Routine Maintenance.

Whole home generators are typically easy to maintain and can last between 15-20 years—if you take care of them to keep them running smoothly. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to start it every couple of weeks to ensure it works properly. And just like your HVAC system, having it professionally checked annually is a good idea.

No more dark nights.

Want to be able to rest easy instead of waiting and wondering when your power will come back on? A whole home generator will keep you powered up, safe and comfortable in any kind of weather.

Easy to maintain, with a long lifespan, and providing powerful peace of mind—it’s often better to think less about what a whole home generator will cost you now, and more about what it could if you don’t.

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