Burton company president, Mark Evans, has earned the prestigious GreenPlumbers USA designation.


Throughout the United States, there are approximately 85,132 plumbing companies, with hundreds of thousands more of individual plumbers.

In that vast community, only 3,000 have qualified for the GreenPlumbers USA designation, and Burton company president, Mark Evans, is one of them.  And the only plumber in Nebraska to be so designated.

The national GreenPlumbers association challenges companies like ours to look at our careers and companies in a diffe

rent way by extending our education to include new technology and advanced conservation techniques. The five courses include training on everything from solar hot water to how to conduct a 50-point water audit.

To earn his designation, Mark was required to take the following 5 intense training courses:

Course 1: Solar Hot Water
Course 2: Caring for Our Water
Course 3: Climate Care
Course 4: Water Efficient Technology
Course 5: Inspection Report Service

Mark passed each one with flying colors, which is the best news of all from Omaha area homeowners seeking to use a green plumber and live greener and save money in the process.

Why is it important to reduce water use?

Water is a finite resource. The water we have is the water we’re going to have, and Americans use, on average, twice as much as people in other developed countries. We can do better. You’ve heard it said that water is the new oil. Someday soon we’ll be saying, “Do you remember when we used to flush our toilets with drinking water?”

How Green is Your Household?

If you think you can do more around your home to help conserve energy and natural resources, research online for some green living tips.  These are common-sense steps you can start implementing today…and today is always the best time to make a difference

You can also contact us to schedule a 50-point water audit to see how you can reduce your water, sewer, and energy bills while reducing your environmental impact.

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