All summer long you ignored it.  After all, what was the point?  You were just happy to be spending more time outdoors where the sun supplied all the heat you needed.

We’re talking about your furnace, of course.  That vital piece of mechanical equipment you rely on to the extreme to keep you and your family safe and warm all winter long.  But like any other good thing, even your furnace will come to the end of its effective lifespan.  Is that time now or right around the corner?

It might be, at that, if you start noticing any of these all-too-common warning signs:

  1. blogMore frequent repairs, and more costly ones at that.
  1. Higher utility bills: much higher, in fact, than they should be.
  1. Hot and cold spots in your home, meaning that your furnace is not evenly distributing warm air.
  1. Greater accumulation of dust and/or excessive dryness. As your furnace ages, it becomes increasingly less able to moisturize and clean your indoor air.  Cleaning and replacing your filter will help, but only for so long.
  1. Strange noises. Popping, wheezing, rattling, and other noises indicate advanced wear and tear. That’s also true if your system’s blower is turning on and off more frequently than what you remember.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms of a heating system in decline, you have all the reason you need to contact the home heating professionals at Burton.  For starters, we’ll thoroughly clean and inspect your system once you approve our guaranteed upfront price.  Sometimes that’s all it takes to improve your system’s performance, especially if it’s been years since it was last professionally maintained.

Or, at your request, we’ll be happy to provide you with multiple new system options so you can choose the replacement furnace that best matches your home and budget.  For a winter spent in greater comfort and with fewer headaches, contact the Omaha heating professionals at Burton today.