We’ve all heard them. We’ve all shared them. And, chances are, you might even believe one or two.

We’re talking about myths: those harmless little falsehoods that get told and retold until fact and fiction become hard to separate. Hang on, did we say “harmless”?

You know what?  We’ll leave the “harmless” verdict up to you, especially blind faith in certain myths could cost you money.


Myth – A kitchen renovation will automatically increase your home’s value.

If you don’t plan to sell your any time soon, remodel away!  At the same time, just remember that today’s trends are tomorrow’s gaffes.  So, if resale and longevity are on your mind, stick to timeless classics like granite counters, Shaker cabinets, subway tiles, and hardwood floors.

Myth – Personal recommendations are good enough.  

Whether you’re hiring a remodeling contractor or an HVAC or plumbing professional, don’t just go by the experience of a friend or neighbor. The bigger the project, the greater the need to be more thorough in your research. That means asking for referrals, checking recent reviews, checking the company’s BBB status, and verifying that they’re licensed and insured.

Myth – Turn off your AC before leaving the house to save money.  

Turning your AC off on a hot day before leaving for the day can prove to be expensive.  While you’re gone, it’s gets hot indoors.  When you finally turn the system back on, it has to work overtime to restore cool temperatures – an extremely energy-inefficient process.  Instead, turn the thermostat up about 10 degrees so your house doesn’t get too hot. Or better yet, install a programmable thermostat so you save money while you’re gone but you come home to paradise!

Myth – Compact fluorescent lights are expensive and harmful.

The truth is, CFLs are not nearly as pricey as they once were. Replacing just one incandescent bulb with a CFL could save you around $50 a year for the life of the bulb. As for the safety angle, CFLs don’t contain nearly enough mercury to cause health concerns. In fact, because CFLs use about 70% less electricity than incandescent bulbs, power plants can send less power, resulting in fewer toxic emissions.

At Burton, we encourage you to save money where you can.  We also urge you to understand the difference between short- and long-term savings.  Let’s say, for example, you’re thinking about asking Uncle Steve, the part-time electrician, to upgrade your electrical service from fuse box to a 100-amp circuit breaker system. Sure, Uncle Steve knows his stuff, but electrical work is his part-time gig and he knows nothing about pulling town permits, not to mention the fact he’s not a licensed electrician.

Down the road, your house suffers an electrical fire. Without a permit as evidence or a receipt from a licensed electrician, your insurance company may refuse your claim.  Where are the savings now?

Before launching into your next home plumbing, HVAC or electrical project, contact Burton. We do all the work you need done, and we do it right.

Myths that Could be Costing You Money, Omaha & Papillion – Burton demonstrates how certain so-called bargains end up costing – and not saving – you money.