A ceiling fan is essential to kicking the thick heat of summer out of your room. But what most folks don’t know is that they can use a ceiling fan in the winter, too!

A ceiling fan is there to keep the room cool, so why should you turn it on during winters? Well, it may sound crazy, but after knowing the rewarding perks, you will certainly turn on the fan in the winter and fall.

Read on and find out how turning using a ceiling fan will help you stay warm during cold winters.

How Can a Ceiling Fan Help You in Winter?

There is a scientific reason behind using a fan in the winter, and here’s a brief explanation.

Hot air rises and cold air settles down. When you turn on the ceiling fan in the winter, it can help bring hot air down, so you feel warm and cozy. Ensure the fan is running clockwise in the winter (and counterclockwise in the summer).

When you turn the fan on, it redistributes the hot air throughout the room, thus maintaining the right temperature.

This continuous cycle of air recirculation helps you save a lot on the energy bills as the centralized furnace system has a lesser workload.

Turning on the Fan Makes Me Feel Cold, What Should I Do?

Turning the fan on will surely make you feel cold unless you put it on “winter mode.” Modern ceiling fans come with a winter mode that changes the rotating direction of the fan to clockwise (counterclockwise in the summer).

The ceiling fan rotates in the reverse direction to throw the warm air towards the floor.

Do you know how to turn on the winter mode?

You’ll find a switch on the motor housing or hub of the ceiling fan. This is the switch to turn the winter mode on.

If you cannot locate the winter mode switch, check the instruction manual. Some fan manufacturers place the switch in the fan’s housing to ensure it doesn’t intervene with the appearance.

Still, Feeling Chill? Try Reducing the Fan’s Speed

If you are still feeling the chill after activating the winter mode, it’s time to reduce the fan’s speed. You don’t need to use the ceiling fan at the highest to keep the entire room warm.

There’s no need to turn the winter mode on in rooms with high vaulted ceilings, as the fan is already on a decent height to throw the warm air down.

Figure out what works well for your room and enjoy the coziness in your blanket.

Some Other Perks of Turning the Ceiling Fan On in Winter

Apart from getting the hot air circulated around the house, you can reap other benefits as well. When you turn the ceiling fan on in the winter, it curtails the chance of condensation on windows.

Every notice frostiness on the inside of your windows? This is due to stagnating air. The recirculation of air curtails the chances of air stagnation against the windows, reducing condensation.

Another benefit of using a ceiling fan is to save on energy bills. Using a fan lowers the thermostat temperature up to 4°F, which can significantly impact monthly energy bills.

The best perk is comfort, keeping you warm all winter long.

What If My Fan Doesn’t Have a Winter Mode?

Most modern fans come with a built-in winter mode that you can activate anytime. But if you have an older model with no such mode, then the only solution is getting a new fan installed in its place.

Purchasing a new fan is worth it, as it’ll cut down the monthly energy bills and you can recover the cost within a few months.

What Not to Do When Using a Ceiling Fan in Winter?

Unlike a whole-house heating system, you shouldn’t turn on the fan continuously. To get the best results, turn on the fan when you are in the room. A ceiling fan will not regulate the temperature of the entire house, so it’s not a wise idea to keep it running throughout the day.

Turn the fan off after a few hours when you feel the room is warm enough for you.

Final Thoughts

Some homeowners saw a whopping 15% reduction in their monthly energy bills after using the ceiling fan in winters. Just turn the winter mode on, set the speed setting to the lowest, and you can make your room even warmer without relying solely on the furnace.

However, a properly working furnace is important to fill your rooms with warm air so that the fan can recirculate it.

Just Call Burton to get a new furnace installed or the existing one repaired to ensure you don’t feel the chill of winter. We’re here to help!