There are good, better, and best times to buy just about anything. There also are lousy times.  Take a new air conditioning system, for example.  It wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense to purchase one in January.  Not that you couldn’t find one.  You could find plenty, but it couldn’t be installed until the weather got significantly warmer.

Winter aside, we can tell you with certainty that the best times to replace your existing AC system or buy a new one is in the fall or spring.

Spring AC Installation

Three cheers for spring because the wicked old winter at last is over. With spring comes warmer weather, and now we CAN install a new AC system. It’s also not our busy AC season so there’s more flexibility in our installation schedule.

Here are a few other good reasons to make your purchase in spring:

  • Manufacturers are more inclined to offer savings before the summer heat arrives and the need for AC is greater.
  • Install now and, come summer, you won’t be complaining about the heat…at least not indoors.
  • Combining installation with a duct and system inspection can ensure you get perfect cooling power and excellent energy-efficiency for the foreseeable future.

Fall AC Installation

  • Just as spring is not prime AC season, neither is fall.  That means you’re likely to save money on the system you want or get a higher efficiency system for less than normal.
  • Have your heating system inspected during the installation and have two important services performed at the same time.
  • The fall is a great time to replace separate heating and cooling systems with an all-in-one heat pump.  No HVAC system provides greater energy savings or ease of maintenance.

If you have the luxury of time – meaning, your current AC system hasn’t suddenly stopped running – call us for more information about a spring or fall installation. And yet no matter when you might need one, you can count on Burton for great value, a guaranteed price quote, and our “lemon-free guarantee”.