Can a whole-house air purifier help against the flu? While reported flu cases may have plateaued in some parts of the country, the flu is still responsible for swamped emergency rooms and urgent care clinics, understaffed workplaces, and school absences.  In Nebraska alone, seven flu-related deaths have been reported this season, and while historically January and February are considered peak months, influenza-related illnesses often stretch into May and June.


So what precautions can you take to help ward off the flu and lessen its severity if you do get it? Consider getting a flu shot, because it’s never too late in the season to do so.

Next, frequently wash your hands and carry a hand sanitizer around with you.  The spread of germs and bacteria from bathroom door handles, just as one example, is now a global concern.

And finally, consider having a whole-house air purifier installed in your home. A whole-house HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter can remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles, including the flu virus, which can protect you from getting sick and help prevent the virus from spreading to other members of you household. HEPA filters are among the most effective at filtering out germs and other particles and are found in government buildings, military installations, and hospitals around the world – not to mention great homes like yours.

Finally, did you know that installing ultra-violet lights into your heating or cooling system can improve your home’s indoor air quality and kill mold, bacteria, and viruses on contact? UV lights are also proven effective means of reducing pathogens, allergens, and odors, and can even provide relief to asthma sufferers.

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