Once presented with the facts, nobody seriously questions the wisdom of annual AC preventative maintenance.  And because of that, we’re not going to argue the point yet again.

Instead, we want to address why spring is absolutely the best time to have professional maintenance performed.  Not that summer’s a bad time for AC maintenance, mind you, but spring is still better:

  • HVAC companies are typically at their slowest during a change of seasons, and winter giving way to spring is no exception. Less busy means more time to tend to system maintenance.
  • For the most part, you don’t need your AC system during the early spring months. So, for the hour or so your system is being serviced, you won’t be deprived of cool conditioned air.
  • Part of AC preventative maintenance is removing any built-up mold and mildew and cleaning or replacing your filter. That, in turn, leads to cleaner indoor air, and cleaner air means a cleaner house.  It’s the perfect complement to your own spring cleaning chores.
  • What if a repair issue is uncovered during preventative maintenance? Wouldn’t you rather deal with that now, well before your AC system is pressed into action?
  • Preventative maintenance, by design, helps stop problems before they ever occur. That saves you money and prevents needless system stoppages.
  • Preventative maintenance also helps reduce your electricity costs. So, the earlier you get it done, the more you save.

Remember: if you want your system to last as long as possible and run as well as it can from one year to the next, annual preventative maintenance is a must, no matter when you have it performed. Ready now? Then contact Burton today to request service.