What’s on your wishlist this winter? Probably not a new heater… but maybe it should be!

While a new home heater isn’t exactly the most thrilling present, it is the gift that will keep on giving—year after year. We’ve got five great reasons you should make room on your gift list this year. Read on!

    1. Your wallet will thank you in the long run.
      That’s right, your classic furnace is likely burning a hole in your energy budget. But new heaters are more energy-efficient than ever, so less gas and heat are wasted every time you crank up the temp. A typical new heater can save you hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars every winter. Not to mention the cash you’ll save on repairs!If your ol’ faithful furnace is over 15 years old (or shakes, rattles, and rolls!) it’s time to get a Burton professional out for an inspection. We can help calculate your energy savings and recommend replacement options to fit every budget.


    1. A new heater will help keep your family safe.
      When you’ve got an old heater or furnace installed, you run the risk of a dangerous gas or carbon monoxide leak. Your Burton heating professional will test your indoor air quality and check for leaks when they install your shiny new heating system.


    1. A new heater makes things consistently cozy.
      Do you have to wear a sweater in one room and a swimsuit in another? A new heater offers better climate control from room to room. While your old heater or furnace may struggle to heat the furthest rooms in your home, modern heaters offer highly efficient airflow.


    1. A brand new heater means a brand new warranty!
      If your old heater is out of warranty, every repair can feel like a major setback. Burton offers industry-leading product and service warranties on new heating systems and furnaces. Rest easy, we’ve got you covered!


  1. Upgrading your heater means upgrading your home value.
    An old heater can be the cold kiss of death when you sell your home. Upgrading your heater now can improve your home value and help you sail through inspections when the time comes.


Forget boxes and bows. This winter, give your family the gift of home comfort. For a limited time we’re offering a special discount on your new heating system purchase and installation—how’s that for warm holiday wishes?

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