watering can watering a flower potFunny thing about home heating systems.  You see, no matter how much comfort they bring your way, they’re equally capable of delivering heaping doses of misery, too.  How can that be?  Well, unless you have some way to add humidity to your home during the heating season, you’re susceptible to all kinds of maladies, including dry skin, itchy eyes, static electrical shock, aggravated symptoms of allergies and asthma – and we’re just warming up.

So what’s a body who to do, one who likes it warm and not overly dry?  Here are five simple yet effective ways to add humidity to your home.

House Plants – Don’t have a green thumb?  Then it’s definitely worth acquiring one to help add valuable moisture into the air this winter.  House plants do so through a process called “transpiration” where, once you’ve watered a plant, water will travel from the roots to the underside of the leaves which, in turn, release it into the air.

Water in the Tub – When someone finishes taking a bath, don’t immediately drain the tub.  Instead, let it sit for a while because, as it turns cooler, it releases moisture into the air.

Water in a Bowl – It may sound or look a little crude, but it works:  place a bowl of water by one or more baseboard heating units or floor registers.  When the warm air passes over the bowl and interacts it with the water, it sets off a continuous flow of humidity for as long as the bowl has water in it and the furnace fan remains on.

Hang your Laundry Indoors – Take at least some of your wash out of the machine and leave it out to dry over chairs or while hanging from a rack.

Get Yourself an Indoor Fountain – Not only is this another source of humidity, but the bubbling sound will help to soothe and relax your senses.

Still, nothing works better than a whole-house humidifier, especially when it’s expertly installed by Burton.  We have one for every size and type of home – the right size and type to work hand in hand with your furnace, and where you get to set the exact relative humidity setting you prefer for maximum comfort.  For more information and a new system quote, contact Burton today.