Did you know that 96% of all home drinking water in the US contains at least some level of contamination? And that goes for city and well water alike.

blogIf, for example, you have well water, your underground water supply is an open target for pesticides, radon, lead, industrial contaminants, and all sorts of other “undesirables”.

Even your treated city water contains at least some level of chlorine; this highly toxic chemical is used to kill off bacteria. At higher-than-acceptable levels, chlorine can cause a large number of ill health effects, including airway irritation, wheezing, skin and eye irritation, and more – as if you didn’t have enough to worry about already.

Well, here’s one thing you won’t have to worry about: a home water filtration system from Burton. We can install one that will cover your entire home or one that fits neatly under your kitchen sink or, for that matter, anywhere else in your home you like.

These single purpose water filters go by two names: point-of-use and under-sink water filters. The system’s tank is installed under your sink and connected to a new, dedicated faucet that produces purified water for drinking or cooking.

Additional benefits of an under-sink water filtration system include the following:

  • • Odorless and better tasting water
  • • Chlorine and chemical free
  • • A much more economical solution than bottled water, and infinitely better for the environment
  • • Filtered water provides highly effective protection against rectal, colon, and bladder cancers
  • • Chemicals and bacteria are removed while retaining healthy mineral deposits that balance the pH of drinking water
  • • A 33% reduced risk of gastrointestinal ailments.

To learn more about the benefits of whole-house or under-sink water filters – or, to schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate – contact the water quality professionals at Burton today.