Young woman holding an electric heaterIf you’re thinking “Trick question, right?”, you’re probably not alone.

Because right now, at this very moment, if you have no heat at all, or at least a partial loss of heating, then that’s a home heating problem by definition! Okay, we’ll give you that one. But it still doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything wrong with your furnace.

So before you pick up the phone and eventually incur a repair cost that wasn’t necessary in the first place, here’s what we’d like to do first:

  • Make sure your furnace has power. If power seems to be on everywhere in your home but you have no heat, first check to see if the power button on your furnace is in the “on” position and that it’s plugged in. And if both of those check out okay, then head to your fuse box or circuit breaker panel to see if the fuse has blown or the breaker tripped. For your sake, we hope the quest for heat starts and stops right here.
  • Check the pilot light. Another common cause of no or too little heat is a pilot light that’s gone out or at an insufficient level of strength. If you don’t know how to locate the pilot light on your furnace but you have at least some handyman skill, go on line for instructions by locating your furnace by make and model number. Once you’ve located it, anything other than a strong, blue flame indicates a problem. And if it’s not strong and blue, then it’s time to contact the heating professionals at Burton for assistance.
  • Check the filter. A seriously clogged filter can very easily be the problem of too little heat. The dirtier and more clogged it gets, the harder it becomes for warm air to pass through it, travel through your ducts, and enter your home. So if you find that your filter is caked with dirt and other debris, clean it right away and then purchase replacement filters for future use.
  • Check vents and registers. If the whole house feels warm except for one or two rooms, then maybe you have a blocked or closed vent on your hands.   And that’s the easiest thing of all to check for.

If, after checking all of the above you still have too little or no heat, then it really is time to pick up the phone and contact Burton for prompt action, 24/7 emergency service, a guaranteed upfront price, and your satisfaction guaranteed. Kind of warms you up just thinking about it, right?