Dear Burton,

I’ve seen ads for your $93 or FREE drain opening special. Is drain opening the same as drain cleaning?

       – Drained and Confused


Dear Drained,

A lot of homeowners assume a drain cleaning and a drain opening are the same. And they do serve the same purpose— to rid your pipes of damaging debris and cantankerous clogs, thereby restoring your free-flowing plumbing. But the process and outcome of drain opening and drain cleaning are very different.

Drain opening is the quickest way to open the floodgates

Drain opening is a simple process that involves snaking a special cable down your uncooperative drain. Once the cable reaches the clogging culprit, it punctures the obstruction, allowing water to flow again. Because the cable is attached to a powerful motor which rotates a blade at the end of the line, the obstruction is obliterated within seconds.

Drain opening is a quick fix for common clogs— think kitchen grease or hair buildup in the bathroom. And because it’s the more gentle clog clearing option, it’s also a smart choice for clogs found in older, more delicate plumbing.

Drain cleaning harnesses water power for serious pipe purge

Drain cleaning is the heavy duty clog busting solution for stubborn obstructions, invasive roots, and significant buildups.

First, your plumber will use a plumbing camera to get a better view of the obstruction. They do this to make sure your slow-flowing plumbing is caused by a true clog— not broken or shifting pipes. Once the clog is identified, a long hose with a narrow nozzle is passed through the plumbing. Your plumber will then run highly pressurized water through the hose, effectively blasting the blockage and clearing out every last bit of debris. When they’re done, they’ll run the camera back through the pipes to confirm the clog is gone.

Because drain cleaning completely removes all traces of blockage from your pipes, it’s the most effective way to restore your home’s flow. And for clogs that return after multiple drain opening attempts, it may be the only complete solution.

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