Older houses can be as noisy as they are charming! Creaky stairs, squeaky doors, and whistling windows may come with the territory, but if you’ve got noisy pipes, there can be a bigger problem just below the surface…

Here’s why your pipes go bump in the night—and morning and afternoon!

Loose fasteners

Notice a knocking sound even when no one’s at the front door? Loose pipes may be to blame!

When you turn your water on and off, a powerful shock wave travels through your pipes. Known as a hydraulic shock, this wave of pressure causes your pipes to jump—resulting in a banging or rattling in your walls. Overtime, decades of hydraulic shocks can loosen the fasteners that secure your pipes to the joists in your walls. Once those fasteners break free, the pipes can bang around inside your walls, causing that persistent knocking sound.

For an issue like this, plumbing companies can locate the location of the knocking pipes and easily re-secure the fasteners. As long as the extra movement hasn’t damaged your pipes or connections, this can be a quick and simple fix!

High water pressure

Ever notice a slight hum or whistling in your walls, especially when your faucet is on? High water pressure may be to blame! If you’ve got a faulty water regulator, high-pressured city water, or your home is at the bottom of a hill, you may experience higher-than-normal water pressure. And all that extra force running through your pipes can cause them to hum or whistle when the water is on.

Depending on the cause of your high water pressure, your plumbing company may install a new pressure regulator or adjust your current regulator. Once your water pressure is back down within a normal range, that irritating buzz should stop.

Worn rings, washers, bolts, and nuts

Powerful rushing water has a way of wearing down even the strongest metals over time, and your plumbing rings, washers, nuts, and bolts are far from immune. As a result, pipes near your washing machine or dishwasher may develop a not-so-pleasant whistling or squealing sound. The simplest fix is to have your plumbing company replace the worn components. And that proactive repair can save your ears and your wallet.

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