So say the inevitable happens and you find yourself frantically searching for plumbing services in Omaha. When bad turns to worse, you need a plumbing service that will get the job done right. ASAP.

But just because you need emergency plumbing help (like, yesterday) doesn’t mean you should just call the first number in the phonebook. Here’s what you should look for when you’re calling around for a new go-to local plumbing service:

  1. Check recent reviews. Scope out Google Reviews to see what people are saying about the companies you’re considering. Do they have positive comments about speedy work, neatness, friendly staff, and high-quality repairs?
  2. Confirm they’re licensed and insured. One thing that can make your plumbing emergency a whole lot worse is an expensive accident on the job. Hiring a licensed and insured plumber means you have certain protections from shoddy work, accidents, and property damage.
  3. Ask how they charge for work. Is the plumbing service a pay-by-the-hour + parts kinda deal? Or do they offer guaranteed up-front pricing? Do they give any kind of warranty on their work?
  4. Can they handle your specific plumbing emergency? This last question may seem unnecessary, but if you have a complicated emergency, you’re going to need a team that can handle more than just pipes. Be sure the plumbing service understands your needs and has the expertise to solve your specific problem.

You could pick up the phone right now and start calling plumbing services in Omaha, but we’ll save you the trouble. At Burton, we have over 3.9K reviews on Google, averaging 4.7 stars. Our team of plumbing experts is both licensed and insured for your safety (and peace of mind).

We offer guaranteed up-front pricing, 100% satisfaction, and industry-leading warranties. We’re a Licensed Green Plumber, meaning we can also assist with eco-friendly plumbing options to conserve water and lower your monthly bill.. And finally, our experts are some of the few in town who handle both drain cleaning (goodbye clogs!) and plumbing repairs.

So next time you’re in a plumbing jam, be sure you know what to ask before you schedule a repair. Or skip the hassle and Just Call Burton!