blogFor some kids, bath time is a blast. A bath can fix or alter a bad mood or temper tantrum and act as the perfect reset button for even the worst of days.

And yet some kids hate bath time. Period.  Not to mention passionately!  And that makes it doubly difficult and more stressful for you.  So, instead of waiting them out for the next few to several years, here are a few ideas to help make bath time more fun and relaxing for all concerned:  mommies and daddies included.

Reevaluate your routine. Sure, most folks give their kids a bath before bedtime, but maybe that’s #1 cranky time.  Your child might be more receptive to mornings, just before dinner, or as a requirement before the day’s final round of computer games.

Talk about bath time, but not as it’s happening. During the heat of conflict – otherwise known as pre-bath time – there’s not much you can say to soothe already ruffled feathers. So, if you feel the need to discuss bath time at all, pick some other time when dunking in the tub isn’t imminent. You’re likely to meet with less resistance and get some ideas from your children on how to improve upon the experience.

Imagine that!  Depending on the age of your child, place a few blocks in the tub and watch what can happen when an older toy is injected into a brand new environment.  Children can be very creative, and this is just one small way they can show you how.

No strain, no gain.  Talk about every day, uninteresting items.  Most of us would agree the basic kitchen colander (or strainer) falls into that category. But one given to a child to play with in the tub, it becomes an instant source of a waterfall, rain shower, or whatever their little brains are able to conjure up during the act of shedding dirt form their bodies.

You should huff, and puff, and blow up a few balloons. After all, what’s fun outdoors or on the dry land of your living room can be every bit as much fun during bath time.

Have we piqued your imagination, mom or dad?  We certainly hope so.  While we’re at it, exactly what kind of shape is your tub in?  Too small for a fun bath experience or, perhaps, in need of repair or replacement?  Here at Burton, we can install an acrylic tub liner in just one day, one that will look and feel like a brand new tub. And that’s just one of many options to help bring your bathroom up to date.  Contact us today and let us know how we can help.