Dear Burton,

We’re getting ready to start a major home renovation project, updating our kitchen, bathrooms, and a couple other spaces. Is there anything we should know about our plumbing before we start the remodel?

  • The Demolition Dad

Dear Demolition,

Before you start swinging that sledgehammer (as satisfying as a good tear down may be) you need to know exactly what’s behind your sheetrock. Otherwise, you’ll have a major flood on your hands faster than you can say “extreme home makeover!”

Always shut off your main power, turn off your water, and carefully cut away the wall— before you go barreling through your pipes. We also strongly recommend calling in a home plumber prior to starting your project. They can tell you where to swing gingerly and what pipes to watch for. If you’re in Omaha, the plumbers here at Burton will walk your home with you, recommend a new plumbing route, check on the state of your pipes, and help you avoid a headache or two as you remodel.

If you’re planning on changing the layout of your kitchen or bathroom, it’s particularly important to consult with a home plumber first. To move the toilet, a sink, or even your dishwasher from one end of the space to the other can require pulling up your floors, opening walls, and cutting into the foundation. Your plumber can help you budget for these rerouting costs early on, saving you from an expensive surprise down the road.

If you’re renovating an older home, consider updating your plumbing while the walls are down. Modern plumbing now includes shutoff valves at key points in your home, like the dishwasher, ice maker, and washing machine, in addition to sinks and toilets. These additional shutoff valves make it easier to target and quickly repair a leak without disrupting your entire home’s water supply. When your home plumber does your pre-demolition walkthrough, they can recommend small, inexpensive improvements like these that will modernize your home while saving you money and frustration down the road.

There’s one more plumbing consideration to keep in mind before you start a home renovation: Improving your home’s water efficiency. A renovation is a great time to update your plumbing fixtures to devices that reduce your water consumption without sacrificing home comfort. Adding a pressure-reducing valve on your main water line, installing low-flow shower heads in your bathrooms, and replacing your old toilets with high-efficiency toilets all add up to significant water savings. Here at Burton, our Licensed Green Plumbers can share easy-to-install recommendations that really make a difference in your home’s water consumption. Even small changes add up!

Before you start your kitchen or bathroom remodel, Just Call Burton. Our team of expert Omaha plumbers will help you save time, avoid unnecessary plumbing costs, and love your updated home. Call today for a free consultation: (402) 343-0011