The short answer is…. YES!

The best water-saving devices are efficient, easily installed by your home handyperson or local plumber, and have little to no impact on your comfort. Trust us, green plumbing has come a long way from the trickling shower you probably think of when you consider water conservation. From high-efficiency toilets to shower timers, water-saving is the biggest trend in modern plumbing for good reason.

These are the most common (and convenient!) water-saving devices we recommend and install for our Burton customers:

Dual-flush toilet triggers. These two-button toilets give you the option of a full flush or half-flush, both using less water than a traditional toilet. A dual-flush system can reduce your restroom water usage by as much as 67%! And the best thing about the dual-flush system is that you don’t need to buy a whole new toilet. Conversion kits are available to convert your existing fixture to a super-water-saver.

Low-flow showerheads. Did you know the majority of your water consumption comes from taking showers? Just one low-flow showerhead can save the average family up to 2,900 gallons of water every year. And aerating showerheads mix air and water in the stream, reducing your water usage without reducing your water pressure.

Shower timers. If you tend to get lost in your Mariah Carey shower karaoke, a shower timer can be a simple way to mind your water use. Some shower timers are even water activated for hands-free signaling. The timer’s light turns yellow when you’re nearing the end of your time, then red for a gentle reminder to rinse off and move on. Shower times are also a great way to teach kids water conservation from an early age.

Pressure-reducing valves. Many homes have an incoming water pressure of 100 psi or more. That’s much higher than the recommended 60 psi. Your local plumbing service can install a PRV at your home’s water supply to reduce the incoming water pressure, saving thousands of gallons of water each year— and reducing the strain on your plumbing and appliances. Plus, some water districts even offer a money-saving rebate to help homeowners cover the cost of this minor plumbing service.

Each of these water-saving devices is effective on its own. But by layering your devices, your water conservation quickly adds up! Save money (and the planet) this year by calling the expert local plumbers here at Burton. We’re a Licensed Green Plumber, on a mission to help you conserve more without sacrificing home comfort or convenience.