Slow draining sinks and tubs can be frustrating. Especially when the holidays are around the corner and guests are knocking at your door. While some issues can easily be fixed by yourself, some drains may need professional cleaning in order to get it back to optimal use. Luckily, Burton is now offering a drain opening for $99! Get your drains flowing before company comes!

Once you have your drain opened and back to normal, make sure you know common causes of clogged drains.

Hair can cause drain blockage when combined with sticky substances like soap. Consider using a sink strainer to prevent hair from entering the drain and causing a blockage.

Over time, soap can also cause blockage. Many soaps are made with grease or fat and can leave a buildup in and around your drains and pipes.

Garbage disposals may not be powerful enough to breakdown food, so food waste should never go down the drain. Foods can also contain grease and oil that can solidify within pipes and cause blockage.

Clogged drains can be easily avoided if you are aware of common causes. While some smaller issues can be fixed by yourself, you may need to turn to an expert when an emergency occurs. Just Call Burton. We can help!