It is especially important to have your furnace checked during the winter season when you are heating your home more frequently. Most appliances that create combustion gas, like furnaces, can potentially create health hazards to your home if it is not maintained regularly. For instance, cracked heat exchangers can produce carbon monoxide and pose a danger to your family.

How does it work? A furnace’s heat exchanger uses fuel to combust inside of it and create heat. A fan located inside the furnace will then blow air over the heat exchanger and into the ductwork. This is where heat is then distributed throughout your home.

When there is a cracked or damaged heat exchanger, it can become a serious danger. Because the furnace is burning some type of material in order to generate heat, dangerous gasses can be leaked into your home. This includes Carbon Monoxide, an odorless and colorless gas than can cause sudden illness and death.

Have your furnace maintained regularly to ensure the safety of your home. If you need help, Just Call Burton. Our professionals can work with you to ensure your furnace is working properly and efficiently.

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