Do you have a room in your home that’s always cold? Perhaps it’s one you rarely use so you’re not overly concerned about it. Or maybe it’s your bedroom or home office and, to compensate, you pile on the layers, plug in the space heater, and count down the days until spring.

Trust us, there are much more effective ways to solve the problem and here are just a few examples.

Toe-Kick Heater – If your feet get chilly standing at your kitchen counter or bathroom vanity, consider installing a toe-kick heater. They discreetly fit into the hollow spaces under stair treads and cabinets and are connected to a dedicated circuit from your electrical panel. Look for a unit with a thermostat or at least a high/low setting, as some can get so hot that they soften vinyl flooring.

Duct-Booster Fan – If your home is heated with forced air, a duct booster fan might be just what it takes to warm those problem areas. A duct booster fan is relatively easy to install and either replaces a wall or floor register grille or sits on top of one.  Or you can opt for an “in-line” duct booster fan that fits inside standard sized metal ducts.

Cove Heater – A cove heater is a great option for virtually any room. They’re mounted along the ceiling, which makes them blend into the background and, since there are no fans, they feature silent operation. Radiant panels emit heat downward to warm up people, not objects, thus making them more energy efficient than other supplemental heating options.

Radiant Floor Heat – If you’re thinking of replacing the flooring in that perpetually cold room, you might want to consider adding radiant floor heat beneath it. Radiant heat works well under carpet, engineered hardwood, laminate, traditional tile, and other types of flooring.

Combination Ceiling Fan Heater – Installed just like a regular ceiling fan, this combo unit pumps out warm air through a ceiling-mounted heater while the fan blades quietly circulate it throughout the space. You can use the same fan come summer minus the heating option.

Here’s another great option to have all the heat you want everywhere in your home: contact the heating and cooling specialists at Burton.  The lack of warm air in one or more spaces could be a very simple fix, thus sparing you the expense of adding a supplemental heating option.  We also recommend annual preventive maintenance so we can keep your furnace in top working order and spot small problems in the making before they become bigger headaches.  Contact us today for the right solution to any home heating need.