Does a small room always equal overly packed and crowded? Not always, of course, but when it comes to small bathrooms, it often turns out that way.

Maybe every item in your small, crowded bathroom is essential, but do they all necessarily belong right there?  Probably not. And what about available space…are you making the most of what you have?

If you’ve had it up to your eyeballs with crowded, cluttered bathrooms – large or small – you’ll appreciate the following de-cluttering and improved organizing tips.

Build upwards: Add shelf space above the bathroom door. It’s out of the way, and won’t make the bathroom feel small or cluttered, at least not when you first walk in. Plus, it creates more space and provides easy access to extra towels, cotton balls, or personal cleaning products.

Tucked away: Hang a pocket shoe organizer behind the door to store toiletries, brushes, and hair products. That will free up more counter and drawer place and create a space for everything.

Magnetic bathroom rack: A magnetic strip that sticks to or screws into the wall is perfect for those small items that always fall to the bottom of the drawer or storage bin, like nail clippers, bobby pins, eye lash curlers, and tweezers.

Spice things up: Use spice racks to store your hair products. It can keep all those bottles of hairspray, mousse, gel, and creams organized and separated from other bathroom essentials.

Add a mirror: A large mirror can help make a bathroom appear larger. If you’re concerned about using up valuable wall space, consider adding a shower door that doubles as a mirror.

Pullout drawers: Add pullout drawers vs. shelves to cabinets for added storage space. You can even add an outlet to the back of a vanity drawer so hairdryers, flatirons, and curling irons can be removed from countertops which, ideally, you’d like to keep as clutter-free as possible.  That’s a big plus come cleaning day, too.

Now, guess what’s likely to happen once you get your bathroom all neatly re-arranged and de-cluttered?  Right:  you’re going to notice other imperfections like out-of-date plumbing. If that time is now, contact Burton to help upgrade your bathroom into something specials without the cost of a complete remodel.  New faucets, walk-in tubs, replacement toilets, and much more: Burton does it all.