Everyone has their own definition of what constitutes a plumbing emergency in Omaha, Council Bluffs, and throughout the greater Omaha region.

If, for example, you come home to a flooded basement, we can all pretty much agree on that being a true plumbing emergency that requires a quick phone call to a reliable and experienced plumbing professional.

But what about a sink that’s slow to drain, but not completely blocked, just as one example of a plumbing problem that, in most cases, isn’t a true emergency?  However annoying it might be, there are certain home remedies you can try before picking up the phone, like plunging the drain, flushing it with hot water, applying an organic drain cleaning liquid that want harm your pipes, and so on.  The only way a clogged drain becomes a plumbing emergency is if it’s left unchecked for too long, thus causing other problems such as water leaking into your floors and ceilings below.

Then again, what if you should you smell gas in your home, and your only gas appliance is your water heater?  That’s not only a plumbing emergency, it’s a health and safety emergency.  Should that occur, quickly evacuate all family members, open your windows and doors, and then call your plumber from your front lawn or a neighbor’s home as it doesn’t take much to trigger a gas explosion and fired.

At Burton, we want your plumbing to be in top working order…all the time.  And one of the best ways to do that is with our annual whole-house plumbing inspection.  It’s a comprehensive equipment and safety inspection during which we very often spot problems in the making that, if not caught sooner, can very easily lead to emergency situations.

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