Has your toilet been making a commotion? In reality, that gurgling (or burping-like) toilet may be telling you there’s a problem with your home drainage system. Burton is here to help you understand what that problem is, and how to get it fixed throughout the Greater Omaha and Council Bluffs area.

WHY your toilet gurgles

Any time one or more of your plumbing fixtures (including your toilet) drains water, it creates suction.  That suction causes pressure that has to be relieved by letting air flow into the pipes; otherwise, the water can’t flow freely.

Your plumbing is fitted with vent pipes that help keep the water moving. These stem off the main plumbing lines that extend through the roof or side of your house, leading outdoors.  Water, of course, is meant to flow smoothly.  When things are working as they should be, the vent functions like a vacuum, pulling the water through your pipes and allowing sewer gases to vent outside.

A couple of things can cause the gurgling sound you might be hearing from your toilet:

  • Partially blocked or obstructed vents
  • A build-up of toilet paper, grease, and other debris in your drain lines

If the problem isn’t addressed quickly enough, you could be facing a major drain or sewer back-up.

HOW to fix it

As is almost always the case with plumbing, the best cure is prevention.  As in, making sure  only water, waste, and toilet paper are flushed down your toilet.

But let’s say the gurgling happens anyway.  Try plunging or snaking the toilet.  If that doesn’t work, chances are the clog is too far down the drain pipe for you to be able to remove it on your own.  It could also mean that your vent pipes are obstructed or partially clogged themselves.

Either way, the problem isn’t going to disappear on its own.

WE can help!
If you can’t see a blockage or if your attempts to remove it are ineffective, then it’s time to call Burton. We’re ready now to “get to the bottom” of your gurgling toilet problem and have it flushing efficiently and smoothly thereafter.

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