Did you know water heaters consume about 17% of the total energy of your home? That quite a hefty percentage. But do not fret. We have some helpful tips for how to save money on your next bill!

Burton’s Best Water Heater Tips

Lower The Temperature

Check your water heater setting. The higher the temperature, the more power is needed. When you buy a water heater, the default setting is usually around 140F. However, most households can reduce the setting to be a more comfortable 120F. This reduction consumes 3%-5% less electricity and can significantly reduce your heating bills over time.

Take Shorter Showers

Short showers are better when it comes to saving money on water heating bills. If you can, avoid taking hot showers. You can also turn off the water when you’re soaping up, shampooing, or shaving!

Insulate Your Tank

Insulation traps heat inside the water heater and allows the water inside to stay hotter for longer. Insulation can also help heat water faster because it prevents cold air from penetrating the water heater.

However, insulating your heater is not a DIY job. Stay safe by following all manufacturer’s guidelines or, if you need guidance, Just Call Burton. We’re always happy to help.

Use Cold Water For Household Chores

Avoid using hot water for household chores like cleaning, washing, or laundry.

In most cases, you can use cold water instead of hot water to avoid utilizing the water heater. However, if you still want to keep using hot water, try not to use the hottest setting.

Repair Leaks

Leaks in faucets can cause a lot of water wastage. If you notice that any of your faucets are leaking, make sure you fix that as soon as possible. You can replace it with a new one or repair the damage.

Install a Timer

Modern electrical water heaters come with a pre-installed timer. A timer is a handy feature in water heaters that automatically stops the device after a specific period. For example, if you want your water heater to run for 10 minutes, you can simply set a timer.

Timers stop your device from running when you’re away from home. For example, you can set a timer to turn off the water heater while you’re away on vacation or at work. This can save you a lot of money on your bills.

If your water heater does not have a timer, consider installing it separately. It not only saves energy but can contribute a lot to your device’s life span. You can contact Burton for more details about installing a timer.

Consider Replacing Your Old Water Heater with a New One

Do you have an old, conventional water heater? Old water heaters can consume more electricity than newer models. Modern water heaters come with upgraded features that save help you save on electricity bills. So, if your water heater is old, consider a more energy efficient replacement.


Water heaters is an essential home appliance but can consume a lot of electricity.

These money-saving water heater tips will help you save money while helping still allowing you to enjoy a comfortable life. Make sure to implement these tips to save on water and electricity bills next month.