Anyone who’s experienced an Omaha summer knows that life is a lot better when the A/C is up and running. Despite being complicated pieces of equipment, most HVAC problems can be prevented with a little TLC and preventative maintenance.

Learn how to keep your cool all summer long with these quick and easy tips.

  1. Don’t set your thermostat too low.
    Look, we get it. When you’re overheating, it’s easy to assume that the lower you set your thermostat, the faster it will cool down a home. The reality is that your A/C can only do so much—it operates at the same strength and speed regardless of the setting. The only thing you’re controlling is how long it runs during each cycle and how much energy it uses. PRO TIP: Establish a middle-ground temperature that is easy to maintain and adjust within a few degrees to control your comfort level.
  2. Replace your air filters.
    I’ll say it again. Replace your air filters. Airflow problems are one of the leading causes of frozen coils, system strain, high energy bills, and allergy issues. Buy your filters in bulk, set a recurring reminder on your calendar, and know that the five minutes it takes to change a filter is going to save you a ton in the long run. PRO TIP: We recommend you change your filters at least once every three months—more often if you have pets or if you notice your filters are always clogged when you change them.
  3. Watch out for tripped breakers.
    If you start to notice your A/C is tripping your circuit breaker, don’t just keep throwing it back on—it’s a warning sign that something isn’t right. This issue can be as simple as a bad breaker, a loose wire, or a bad capacitor—or it could be a sign of something close to catastrophic. Either way, it’s worth checking out.
  4. Check for leaks.
    Leaks are never a good sign—and like any other HVAC problem, they are best caught early. Clogged drain lines are often the culprit—these are the hoses that help the AC system drain the moisture out of the humid air as it cools. This moisture typically is drained out of your home through your plumbing system—problems arise, however, when dust and debris accumulate and clog the lines. If not caught early, substantial water damage can occur.PRO TIP: Every time you change your filter, give your HVAC system and drain pan a quick once over. Ask your Burton tech where to look the next time they are out!
  5. Don’t forget ongoing maintenance.
    No, this isn’t a shameless plug. Your home’s HVAC system is probably the most expensive piece of equipment in your house—it deserves and professional attention to keep it running at its best. The longer you ignore it, the more expensive its repairs can be. Leaks, clogs, and electrical issues are best caught when they are small.PRO TIP: Sign up for an annual preventative maintenance plan and leave the scheduling to us!

Want to make sure your air conditioner beats the heat this summer? We do, too! Call us at 402-343-0011 to schedule a check-up—and ask about our ongoing preventative maintenance plans!