If you want to add visual appeal and protection to your home, call Burton for your outdoor lighting needs. Outdoor lighting is a smart addition to your home. Not only can it complement your outdoor decor, but lit houses also discourage intruders.

By installing outdoor lighting, people in your neighborhood are more likely to see dangerous activity happening around your home. Motion sensor lights are activated by human body heat from 70 feet away. Mini-spot lights around your front door can help locate your keys to gain entry into your house quickly. An illuminated yard through landscape lighting can bring attention to any commotion, making your home an unappealing option for burglary.

Like any other appliance, be sure to inspect your outdoor lighting to ensure everything is working correctly. Exterior lighting inspections can help prevent an entire system replacement and any unnecessary costs. Check for loose or burnt-out bulbs and keep spare bulbs for replacement when needed. It is also important to inspect for faulty equipment like damaged or frayed wires. An inspection helps save energy, money and time.

Contact Burton today for an outdoor-lighting installation or inspection. Burton’s technicians can help you install and maintain your outdoor lighting based on your needs and budget.