Whether you’ve got a small drip or a major flow, plumbing leaks can wreak havoc on your home! Unsightly water damage… dangerous mold growth… ruined floors, walls, and furniture… These are just a few of the most irritating consequences of leaky plumbing.

However, many of the plumbing leaks we repair for Omaha homeowners are largely avoidable—with just a bit of foresight, proper maintenance, and timely intervention.

Want to safeguard your family’s home, and keep your water where it’s supposed to be? Follow these three simple plumbing tips:

Leak Protection Tip #1: Regularly Inspect Your Plumbing Fixtures

Judy, a homeowner in midtown Omaha, noticed a constant drip from her bathroom faucet. The leak was so small, she thought it was hardly more than a minor annoyance—until her water bill began to rise and pink mold stained her drain and sink. When she finally called Burton, it turns out one worn-out washer in the old faucet was to blame. It took longer to dial Burton’s number than to repair the leak!

This easily avoidable and quickly solvable leak could have been addressed with a quick call at the first drip. Regularly inspect your plumbing fixtures for corrosion and leaks. When you notice rust or damage, consider replacing the faucet before a leak develops. And if your faucet is always wet, or your toilet never stops running, schedule a quick plumbing repair before that leak impacts your energy bills—or causes unsightly water damage.

Leak Protection Tip #2: Watch for Supply Line Corrosion

Mike, a Council Bluffs homeowner, came home to find an inch of standing water in his kitchen—and soaking into his cabinets. He quickly realized the ongoing leak was coming from his refrigerator. A supply line had burst, spilling gallons of water all over the floor.

To prevent a kitchen flood like Mike’s, it’s important to regularly inspect the water supply lines in your home. A professional plumbing inspection from Burton would have revealed the weakened supply line behind Mike’s fridge. Long before the leak, Burton’s team could have replaced the hose and stopped the damage before it started.

If you notice corrosion around any of your appliance fittings (including your dishwasher and washing machine), damage to the tubing, or loose connections, we recommend scheduling a plumbing repair right away. We’ll shut off your water supply, replace the faulty hose, and get your appliances back up and running in no time.

Leak Protection Tip #3: Prevent Clogs and Drain Issues

Sarah, a busy mom in Gretna, didn’t realize debris, grease, and soap sum had begun to build up in her kitchen sink drain. One day, while cooking family dinner, the sink completely backed up—causing a messy overflow and less-than-pleasant odor to fill her kitchen.

To prevent this sticky sink buildup, Sarah could have used drain screens or stoppers to prevent large debris from going down the drain. These easy and inexpensive accessories keep fruit peels and other solids from accumulating in your plumbing system.

If your sink is already beginning to drain slowly, consider scheduling a professional drain cleaning service. At Burton, we perform these routine cleanings often to clear stubborn clogs, improve drainage, cut down on drain odor, and avoid damaging overflows.

From preventative maintenance to emergency plumbing repairs—Burton in Omaha has you covered!

At Burton, our top-rated plumbing pros keep your drains flowing and your water going without breaking your budget. To book your service now, just call (402) 343-0011 or send us a message. And don’t forget to check out our seasonal specials!