Let’s say you were planning a family trip to Orlando and Disney World for one of this year’s school vacation weeks. And you’re planning to drive.

Well, if you’ve never made that trip by car, we’ll end the suspense right here and now: it’s a 1,427 mile trek and, according to Google, 20 hours and 49 minutes of driving time. Each way. But still, you’re not deterred. It’s a quest, like the Griswold family quest to Wally World in the first Vacation movie.

Family traveling in car, vector illustration

So what do you do to prepare for a trip like that? You’re going to do everything it takes to make sure your car is up to that kind of marathon run. In the process, you’ll get your oil changed, tire pressure checked, and otherwise have your car inspected under the hood and chassis to make sure it can handle 3,000 plus miles without breaking down.

And now, let’s put Disney World on hold for the rest of this blog, and turn to your heating system. Every year, it runs its own version of 3,000 miles and a whole lot more, but without ever moving an inch. What does move, however, is warm air from the furnace throughout every room it’s connected to. And every year, you expect it to perform without – you guessed it – breaking down.

As clear as the comparison is between car and furnace care, the majority of home owners do not request preventative maintenance for their furnace from one year to the next. By doing so, they practically are assuring themselves of early and perhaps frequent repair problems, poor quality indoor air, a shorter-than-expected furnace lifespan, and way-too-high heating utility costs.

And Now, for the Good News!

If you want a long and happy life together with your furnace, all you need to do is call Burton, once a year, for our multi-point furnace cleaning and inspection service. That way, we stop problems before they ever rise. By cleaning or replacing your filter and cleaning other system components, we can provide you with cleaner indoor air. And, for good measure, you’ll have fewer repair problems, a longer system lifespan, and reduced energy consumption – and all of that adds up to a ton of savings for one small annual fee

To make life even simpler, why not enroll in our Service Partner Plan where annual preventative maintenance for your heating and cooling systems is included in your own low annual membership fee. Plus, we call you to schedule service so there’s no chance of it slipping your mind.

Burton: doing more to help you live more comfortably, safely, and affordably, all year long.