Have you ever been faced with a significant home repair and thought…

“I wonder if I should look around more or get another opinion before I commit to this.”

Of course you have. It’s a common human reaction.

When something vital to our safety and comfort (like plumbing, heating, or air) stops working properly, most of us have only one thing on our minds: “Fix it. Fix it fast!”

So most of us don’t bother to get a second opinion – which can lead to stress, worry, and additional (unnecessary) expense.

How to Know When It’s Time For a Second Opinion

There are a few easy rules of thumb you can go by when deciding whether or not you should get a second opinion on plumbing, heating, or air work.

1: The proposed “fix” exceeds $800
2: You don’t have trust in/a history with the company doing the work
3: The price of the job or the proposed solution just feels wrong to you

When you find yourself having these doubts, you should get a second opinion. Most reputable service companies like Burton are more than happy to provide you with a quick but thorough second opinion. That way, you can either verify your suspicion that something isn’t right – or put it to rest and be able to make your decision with confidence.

How Much Will a Second Opinion Cost?

The answer depends upon the type of work you’re having done. The cost of a second opinion will depend upon several different factors including the time spent diagnosing the situation, the equipment used in the inspection.

So although it’s not a very specific answer, the truth is that the cost of a second opinion could vary widely from free, to the cost of just a dispatch fee, or more. But regardless of the minimal cost involved, getting a second opinion is a smart move that can save you thousands in time, grief, and money.

How Can I Get a Second Opinion on My Plumbing, Heating, or Air Conditioning in Omaha?

Burton A/C, Heating, Plumbing, and More is a full service contractor who performs convenient and fast second opinions for customers every day. Our expert technicians will thoroughly inspect and diagnose the situation to put your mind at ease. We’ll even provide you with multiple options to choose from when determining how to solve your plumbing problem within your budget.

Call Burton today for your second opinion – and your peace of mind.