If last season’s winter storms caused any damage to your home, Spring is the best time to have them fixed. This includes your A/C System—a very important system to have inspected before the summer heat arrives. Read on to learn why it’s important for you to get an A/C inspection this Spring.

Prepare for Summer

Spring is the best time to get your HVAC system inspected for upcoming summer months.  But, why Spring? You don’t want to turn on your air conditioner on the hottest day of summer just to find out there’s an issue. Consider getting an inspection by Burton to ensure your air conditioner can properly cool your home before the weather becomes too unbearable.

Reduce Electricity Bills

Check-ups are essential to reducing energy bills. Air conditioners consume a lot of energy. However, you can reduce consumption with proper maintenance.

During the winter, air conditioners are often left unused. This leads to dirt and debris buildup in and around the machine. Buildup can cause your air conditioner to work less efficiently and can increase energy consumption, leaving you with costly bills. A thorough cleaning and inspection can help catch any issues with the system and reduce energy bills.

Reduce Repair Costs

Repairs can cost you big bucks. The best way to avoid expensive repairs is to set up a regular maintenance schedule. This allows you to catch issues sooner and can save your machine from costly repairs.

Extend System’s Life and Increase Efficiency 

Regular inspections can extend the system’s life expectancy and increase efficiency. Our professionals provide a thorough check-up that can catch issues before they became too large. You should also always remember to replace your air filters, clean the hoses and other essential parts to keep your system in good working order.

Enjoy Clean Air

Dirty air filters reduce air circulation and forces your air conditioner to work harder to cool your home. Dirt and debris buildup during the winter can cause issues with your air conditioner. Proper maintenance by a professional allows you to enjoy clean, cool air all summer long.

Get your A/C system inspected this spring to prepare your home for the scorching summer weather—because no one wants to experience Nebraska’s summer weather with no running air conditioner. Just Call Burton at (402) 343-0011 to set up your inspection today.