Can’t flush? Here’s what to do.

  1. Think it’s a clog? Try the good ol’ toilet plunger. A classic go-to.
  2. You can also try a toilet auger made specifically for larger pipes. Augers use a rotating action that can help break through tough clogs.
  3. Your water level might be too low. Pop the top off the toilet tank. Depending on what type of fill valve you have, all you have to do is bend the float rod gently upwards to increase the water fill level in the tank or bend it downwards to lower the fill level. Test the flush and adjust accordingly.
  4. Got problems with the flapper? The flapper is the rubber seal that covers the hole in your toilet tank. When you flush, the chain lifts and allows water to pour into the toilet bowl. Make sure your flapper is not old or cracked, if it is, you need to replace it. Next, check that your chain doesn’t have too much or too little slack. You can re-hook the chains if needed.

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