In our modern era smart technology has become more common and more appealing to consumers. All around us, we have specialized technology making everyday tasks easier -including anything from smart cars to smart kitchen appliances. Among this ever growing and evolving industry are the thermostats, yes, specifically the smart ones. Let’s break down the benefits and changes you could expect should you make the switch to what’s smart!

These systems allow complicated actions and commands to be made with ease. Through simple voice commands you can control anything from your home’s lights, music, and even temperature. They can even increase your systems efficiency and help save you money on your bills!

What makes a smart thermostat different?

Besides the regular climate control your thermostat offers, the smart technology adds a suite of tools and functions. These allow you to program and customize that control to a level far beyond the standard. Often featuring time sensitive controls that can be set to have automatic functions based on the day of the week. Some even offer control based on the local weather! That control is impossible without the help of modern technology.

And all this functionality is presented and designed to work with your phone and other smart devices in your home. Another great feature allows these devices to provide complete climate control even while you’re away from the house.

“Why replace what already works?”

Many will ask this of themselves when looking at smart thermostats. While reliable and often easy to use, the conventional thermostat is often inefficient and inflexible. This prevents it from performing anything more than their most basic functions. Not to mention the only way to control those functions is through one or two gray boxes mounted to your walls in, hopefully, easy to reach places.

They offer convenience of control from anywhere with a connection and a complex automation potential. These features often outperform conventional thermostats in every way you can imagine. Your value on that convenience and power is the best way to decide if you should buy a smart thermostat.

Below is a more in-depth breakdown of the benefits for a smarter thermostat. These are often cited by owners of smart thermometer systems as their biggest reasons for remaining with their systems today:

  1. Smart thermometers increase savings on electricity.

Studies have shown that users who make the change to smart thermometers save on average up to 23% on their heating and cooling costs.

The cooling system in our homes pulls in a vast amount of power. After all, it is one the most reliable ways to increase your monthly bill. A regular thermostat has little to no functionality designed to reduce and control your systems power usage. Some smart thermometers achieve this efficiency by attempting to cut power usage. This allows them to cut out on accidental waste when no one is actually home to enjoy the cool air. Other more powerful units target hot spots in the home and have programs that can detect and target specific rooms based on the seasons or weather!

Besides these tools, smart thermometers can provide vast amounts of detailed data on your power usage. This can highlight wasteful habits and calculate your temperature preferences. This can help impact your energy usage by giving you complex information. How much energy does it take to keep your house cozy and warm through the winter months? Smart thermometers provide that data and more!

  1. Remote control and convenience.

The most noticed and appreciated benefit of a smart device is its ease of use and its mastery of wireless control and access. By using your mobile device or even voice commands you can have full functionality while barely even lifting a finger.

This also doubles as a safety net removing any worry you might have of leaving the air conditioning or heater running at home after leaving for a trip. Some smart thermometers offer automatic shutoff timers. These devices allow you to take out your phone and within a couple taps get confirmation your house is off and awaiting your return.

  1. Easy Installation

A benefit to the growing market of smart devices is a tried and tested product that will be easy to install and get running, fast. Smart Thermostats do not need any professional installation. You can even have it delivered straight to your door. While they do need a smartphone to run their app, most are available on both apple and android devices.

Most work over wifi and can connect to your home’s network with minimal effort. This feature alone allows all the functions for remote access to the system from anywhere with a wireless connection.

If your model is on the more complicated end of the spectrum, there are installation services available. They can be run between $100-$300 dollars, depending on your system or brand. These programs frequently come with support and repair options for maintenance in the future.

Change can be a daunting idea, the benefits of a smart thermostat sell themselves. The convenience and efficiency extend well beyond a traditional thermostat’s capabilities. Its gives you complete security over your climate control. Before making any decision like these, we recommend closely researching the model and brand of smart thermostat you want. Make sure it has credible reviews and fits your criteria before making a buy.

As we move further and further into the twenty-first century, technology is becoming more and more within the reach of consumers, with the average price for smart technology continuing to drop. There is rarely a time where the benefits and savings don’t immediately outweigh the cost of a new smart thermostat system.