blogThere’s nothing like cheering your child on from the sidelines, seeing the pride and joy in their face as they hit a home run or score the winning goal for their team. But did you know that emergency rooms treat approximately 8,000 children for sports related injuries each day? And with what seems like an ever-growing trend to get kids involved in competitive sports at an early age, it’s imperative that parents follow some basic safety precautions to help keep their kids safe.

So whether your child is 6 or 16 and plays baseball or lacrosse, help keep them injury-free this spring by observing these safety tips.

Take a break or mix it up. While year-round physical activity is important, kids who play the same sport year round are more prone to injuries due to burn-out and overuse of the same muscles and body parts.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Invest in a large insulated water bottle for your child during practices and games. The more they run and sweat, the more water they need to replenish.

Warm up and cool down. A good warm up before practice or a game, along with a proper cool down after, is not only essential in preparing a body for physical activity but can help reduce sports-related injuries.

Know the signs. Make sure your children know the signs of dehydration, heat exhaustion, and over-exertion. Teach them to listen to their bodies and take a break, talk to their coach, or seek medical attention should they feel dizzy, fatigued, or in pain.

Eat well. Between school, work, practices, and games, sitting down at the table for a nutritious meal can often be tough. But avoid skipping meals altogether and keep plenty of healthy snacks on hand.

Get plenty of rest. Well rested kids perform better on the field, at school, and in all other endeavors. If you suspect your child is not getting enough sleep due to too many activities and commitments, perhaps it’s time to scale back.

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