Most people just accept the “reality” that if you’re working outside and need hot water, you go inside and get it.

Well, sorry to contradict popular opinion, but now you can quickly and easily start enjoying the convenience of hot and cold running water…even outdoors!

How? We can either replace a cold-water-only faucet or install a new dual faucet where it provides you with the greatest amount of convenience and flexibility. What exactly could you accomplish with a new dual faucet? Let’s have a look:

  • Clean your car like a pro and save money at the car wash.
  • Give Fido the best bath he’s ever had.
  • Clean and gut your fresh-caught fish and leave the odor outside where it belongs.
  • Patio furniture and umbrella looking a little grubby? With hot and cold water at your fingertips, cleaning them will no longer be a major production.
  • For you gardening enthusiasts, now you can thoroughly clean your tools the moment you’re done using them.

If you have an outdoor pool or hot tub, you can take the hot-and-cold outdoor faucet idea a step further by installing an outdoor shower. Then, those days of traipsing in and out of your home with wet feet and grass will be over. And remember: outdoor faucets and showers aren’t mutually exclusive…you can have them both.

Contact Burton today to learn more about the added convenience and flexibility you can enjoy with additional outdoor plumbing.