You buy and maintain a central AC system to keep cool, right? What else is there?

Well, the answer is “plenty.”  Let’s have a look.

Better than room air conditioners.  Room or portable air conditioners can keep you cool, as well.  But they don’t circulate the air throughout your home via your air ducts.  Central air conditioning alone can help prevent respiratory ailments, improve your sleep quality, and enhance your ability to fight off symptoms of allergies and asthma. To maintain those advantages, your AC filter needs to be cleaned or replaced, on average, once a month.

Helps prevent mold.  Fresh, circulated air is a great way to prevent the kind of dampness that enables mold to exist and flourish.

Structural integrity. Circulating fresh air can help keep your home healthy and structurally sound by preventing the kind of dampness that can result in rotted floor boards along with damage to walls and ceilings.

Helps fight depression.  Hotter-than-comfortable indoor air can lead to lethargy, boredom, and loss of interest; these symptoms are closely related to depression.

Improved sleep – Sleep is a crucial part of our lives, but trying to get a restful night’s sleep in warm, humid conditions is difficult at best.

Lower energy costs. When compared to room air conditioners, a central AC system can save you enough on electricity to cover the cost of your new system in as little as a few years.

For more information on how a new central AC system can positively impact you home and life, contact Burton today.