Dear Burton,

Lately, my A/C has been running constantly. The air temperature is comfortable, but the unit just doesn’t shut off. Should I call for an A/C repair, or is this normal for Omaha summer days?

  • Cool but Concerned

If your A/C runs 24/7 during the summer, that’s likely a sign that something needs to be repaired or cleaned.

Even if your A/C seems to be working fine, it’s a good idea to call for an air conditioning service every year— before you fire up your unit for the first time. At Burton, our annual A/C preventative maintenance visit includes a good spring cleaning of your unit and an overall inspection of the system, filters, and ductwork. Plus, we’ll give you a heads up if there are any small repairs or updates we can make to improve your unit’s efficiency this summer. That’ll help you save on your electric bill too! Often, this annual maintenance visit will catch common issues that cause your air conditioner to keep running throughout the day and night. So before you call for a repair, let’s schedule that maintenance and inspection visit.

At your inspection, we’ll look for a few common causes of a constantly running air conditioner:

Dusty air conditioner coils

The coils inside your A/C unit cool the air before it travels through the ducts and into your rooms. If these coils are caked with dust, grass clippings, pet hair, or other debris, they won’t cool your air effectively. The unit will run continuously but will struggle to keep the temperature down.

Clogged filters

If your unit has to work double-time just to draw in air because dirty filters are restricting your airflow, the unit will run longer. The air may feel cool, but there’s just not enough force behind it to push that cool air evenly through your home. When that happens, your unit has to work harder and longer just to meet your ideal temperature.

Air leaks

There may be a leak in your ductwork, causing all that cool air to be routed into your attic or another undesired place. Older windows and drafty doors can also let out your cool air. If the air coming from your vents is crisp and comfortable and the airflow seems strong, leaky spots are likely to blame for your constantly running A/C.

If your coils and filters are clean and your ductwork, doors, and windows are air-tight, but your unit is still running 24/7 this summer, it might be time for a larger A/C repair or replacement.

Here at Burton, our expert Omaha repair techs service all A/C makes and models. We even offer guaranteed upfront pricing and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee! To book your preventative maintenance appointment or schedule A/C service, Just Call Burton: (402) 343-0011