Chances are, you don’t give much thought to your home’s electrical system. That is until, all of a sudden one day, you’re left in the dark. And it’s not until you call an electrician that you find out that your electrical panel is long over-due for an upgrade, the wiring in your home is not even close to code, or that your electrical system is simply over-burdened. All of which could compromise your family’s safety.

But did you know that, when it comes to electricity, your home has a way to letting you know that one or more things aren’t quite right? Here are 5 signs that could indicate a need to call a licensed electricianJust Call Burton

  1. The lights dim or flicker. Do the bathroom lights dim every time you turn on your hair dryer? Do the lights flicker when the air conditioner or space heater comes on? If so, chances are those circuits aren’t properly wired.
  2. The circuit breaker trips or fuses blow frequently. If you constantly find yourself resetting your circuit breaker or replacing fuses, it probably means that your system isn’t equipped to handle the amount of “juice” your home needs.
  3. Non-GFCI outlets near water. Today’s code standards now require that outlets located near wet locations – such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms – be protected with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, or GFCIs.
  4. Outlets or switches are warm to the touch. Do you see a spark or get a mild shock when you plug something in or turn on a light? While it could be something as simple as too much demand for that circuit, it could also indicate faulty wiring, and with that comes a heightened risk of an electrical fire.
  5. Your outlet resembles an octopus. Homeowners have more electronics today than ever before. But if you have a mess of cords going into one outlet, it might be time for some re-wiring along with new outlets and/or switches.

So, what do you see when you look around your house:  problems already occurring or the potential for problems in the making?  If so, we urge you to contact Burton today for a prompt response and reliable attention to your every home electrical service need here in Omaha, Blair, and throughout the Omaha and Council Bluffs area.